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Some articles and anecdotes just don't seem to fit anywhere in particular ... Well, below are some odds and ends that I just lumped under this page, unflatteringly called "things" :-)

So are my awards, 'cause I was unsure where to put them - if you have a better idea, let me know!!! :-)

I hope you enjoy the few bits and pieces I've collected over time and displayed here (PS: new items always added at the bottom of the table) . . .


- by Sarah McLachlan
 If I Had To Live My Life Over
- by Nadine Stair - an 85 year old lady who died of cancer
 Do It Anyway  Courage by Amelia Earheart
 Most Important Question  Always Remember Those Who Serve
 The Obstacle In Our Path  Giving Blood
 I've Two Choices  Is Heaven In The Yellow Pages?
 Drink Driving  Rainbow Bridge
 One Million Reasons Not To Eat Kangaroo Meat  An Excerpt from the Velveteen Rabbit
-- by Margery Williams
 Excerpt from "The Diary of Anne Frank"  The Lesson
 Father's Eyes  The Key To Happiness by Emily Matthews
 Instructions For Life  Banjo Paterson - a collection
 Deepest Fear  Being BOLD!
 Me... Just Yesterday by Gueri Images  That Was Yesterday


Please feel free to email me with your comments, good or bad! :-)


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