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Me... Just Yesterday

by Gueri Images (Australia)


When I saw myself this morning, I knew I'd lost my way
and asked my face a question:

"Will I find myself today?"

The image in the mirror reflecting everything I see
Is unfamiliar, tired and wrinkled. Is this strange really me?

The 'me' I knew and understood has disappeared from sight,
like a changeling, spirit stolen and enchanted in the night.

Every goal or small achievement lay discarded or ignored,
effaced, suppresed, redundant. All around me in a horde
the needs of others, the cries of "Mother" divide me night and day.
My spirit's crying. My soul is dying.

"Help me find my way!"

Sheets of poetry and stories smelling musty now with age
were dismissed as being part of a childish, passing phase
yet, these poor neglected relics, compared with what I do for pay
essentially remind me,

of 'me' ... just yesterday.


Kindly reprinted from "Fragments in Time" with the permission of Gueri Images.


Thank you Gueri! May the sun forever shine on your heart of gold :-)

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